RAMfreer – Free up Physical RAM


The Ramfreer application as designed to be a smart memory management tool that will keep your PC running better and faster. It works by freeing up Physical RAM wasted by applications.

Some applications closed or hanged up, but these applications does’nt release the memory have assigned to them, so, the available memory of your System going down and down,and your computer going slow and slow! And the hard drive ceaselessly running, it will go to damage prematurely…

Windows and applications getting fatter and fatter, even if you have 256MB of RAM, it’s not enough !… So, tryout Ramfreer! – It will get the lost memory back!

It can boost up your System by 20-30%, this is depends on how you use it:The default seeting of Ramfreer is more compatible for a 128MB RAM installed PC. If your have 256MB RAM or more you can set the “If Ram less than ‘x’ MB then free it” to 16MB or more, and set the “Free it until available memory reach” to 32MB or more! It’s easy to do this in just one click! Tryout it Now ! It’s really a useful tool to all Windows users!

Here are some key features of “RAMfreer”:

· Smart memory management to keep your computer running better and faster.
· RAM Usage detection.
· CPU Usage detection.
· StartUp Programs Managment.
· Eject/Inject CDROM.

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