RaiDrive – The Best Way To Manage Remote Files
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RaiDrive is a straightforward piece of software that enable you to make various cloud solutions you are using quickly accessible network drives. You do not need to download all of the files in your cloud …

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8 ways to split the big file

Submitted by on June 20, 2009 – 8:29 amNo Comment

Nowadays, we have many services for upload files to share to everyones but many file too big. It’s difficult to upload and download. This article will help you to choice the best way.

1. Gsplit: ( -1.5 MB):


This is a free software, small and have a cool GUI. It’s help you to split files with the big size: *.exe, zip, multimedia, videos, photos, etc. You can custom the size to split.

2. JoneSoft File Splitter: ( 526 KB)

File splitter

Another File Splitter program. However, this one is different in the fact that it’s free (for most users) and that it includes all the features that most others leave out. You can split files to any size you wish. Restoring is simply a matter of running the restore (BAT) file created when the file is split, or, for total control, you can restore using the File Splitter program. Integrated with Windows Explorer to allow even more flexibility.

3. File Splitter: ( (371 KB)2

File splitter with a simple style, small size and don’t need to install. This program just down-n-run. It has only one option split the file with custom size and you can create a password to protect this file.

4. SplitFile: (

This is a free software but to use this software, you must register at and you will receive a code via email. SplitFile provide you many options. You can split a file with size from 1.4 MB to 30 MB with HDDVD standard. Like many split programs, you can choose the custom size to split. SplitFile run in the Microsoft .NET Framework 2 enviroment or higher.

5. HJSplit: (   (298 KB)


HJSplit is the best choice to split file with the big size, just run don’t need to install. This software can split the file with more than 10GB and Join the file from its split. Beside, this softwarew can be compare two files and checksum file.

6. Rapid Split: ( 828 KB)06rapid_split

Rapid Split is commercial software. This programs can split with many size. You can use both drap-n-drop mode beside command mode.

7. MaxSplitter: ( 689 KB)07maxsplitter_1

After installed MaxSplitter, you have a new options when right click in Windows Explorer. It’s similar JoneSoft File Splitter.

8. File Splitter Deluxe Software: ( – 474 KB)07maxsplitter_1

File Splitter Deluxe Software is comerical software, it’s use to split files with any extensions and you can join split files without this software. The special of this software is unlimit the split files and size. You can print the list files from any foler and monitor the split files. This software is easy to use.

Rating 5 stars: JoneSoft File Splitter

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