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Download Norton 360 v4 with 90-day Trial

Submitted by on September 21, 2010 – 10:08 pm7 Comments

Norton 360 Version 4.0

Norton 360 is today’s fastest and lightest all-in-one solution for protecting your PC and all your online activities. Automated and easy to use, Norton 360 works quietly in the background without impacting PC performance—and with virtually no action required on your part. A comprehensive security, tune-up, and backup solution, it provides award-winning protection against viruses, spyware, hackers, botnets, and more.

Norton 360 detects phishing and hacked or virus-infected websites to protect you from exploits. Identity protection and anti-fraud technologies identify unsafe websites and suspicious sellers in your search results so you can shop and surf with confidence.

Norton 360 automates PC tune-ups to help make your computer run faster, while an improved Smart Startup Manager provides recommendations to help keep your PC running at peak performance. Backup and restore capabilities protect your irreplaceable photos, movies, music, and other important files from loss. You will have the possibility to easily recover them from Symantec’s online storage service which is provided at no extra charge.

The latest upgrade of Norton 360 offers superior performance, improved protection, and easier and faster backups. It incorporates a new model of security, codenamed Quorum, that improves detection of new malware and advances far beyond traditional signature and behavior-based detection.

Norton 360 also offers an enhanced Norton Safe Web, a very effective new antispam engine, and new SONAR 2 technology to stop new and unknown threats. Backing up and restoring files is easier and more efficient in Norton 360. New web-based access to backup files enables anytime, anywhere file downloads, while new keyword search capabilities let users quickly locate the files they want to restore.

Here are some key features of “Norton 360”:

· Protects your PC, online activities and your identity 24/7 – Delivers award-winning protection against viruses, spyware, worms, phishing, hackers, and more in one complete, fully automated solution.

· Provides industry-leading security without slowing you down — Runs fast and uses less memory than competing programs, so you won’t sacrifice performance for security.† Take the Performance Challenge and see for yourself.

· Blocks botnets — Automatically detects botnets to prevent hackers from taking control of your PC and accessing your private information.

· Makes online shopping safer — Warns you of unsafe websites and suspicious sellers so you can shop without worry.

· Protects your identity when you buy, bank or browse online —Validates authentic sites and identifies fraudulent sites to protect you from “phishing.”

· Offers secure, one-click login to web sites — Automatically stores your logins and passwords so you can sign into sites with a single click. Blocks keystroke loggers and other programs that can steal your information.

· Secures your browser from attacks — Prevents cybercriminals from using vulnerabilities in your web browser to load malware onto your PC.

· Delivers up to the minute virus protection — Automatically checks for new virus definitions every 5 to 15 minutes and downloads them in the background. You get continuous protection without sacrificing performance.

· Protects your important files from loss — Automatically backs up files when your PC is idle, so backups won’t slow you down or get in your way. Includes 2 GB of secured online storage (with option to purchase more).

· Speeds up PC boot time — Turns off unnecessary startup programs to get your PC up and running faster.

· Defends your wireless network from intruders — Prevents unauthorized users from stealing your bandwidth and accessing your files. Warns you when you connect to an unsecured wireless network.

· Helps make your PC run like new again — Deletes unnecessary files, defrags your hard drive, fixes common problems, and tunes up your PC to keep it running at peak performance.


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