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RaiDrive is a straightforward piece of software that enable you to make various cloud solutions you are using quickly accessible network drives. You do not need to download all of the files in your cloud …

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Syncdocs – Using Google Docs as a Hard Disk Drive to Store Data

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Syncdocs works like a normal folder on your computer, except the contents are synced to Google Docs. Any folders or files you put in your Syncdocs folder automatically get synchronized to your Google Docs account and any other linked computer running Syncdocs.

You can use Syncdocs for online storage and backup, offline access to Google Docs and as an easy way to migrate all your data to and from the cloud.

Syncdocs also integrates right into your desktop, making it easy to edit MS Office docs in the cloud, to share and to collaborate.

All in all, you can rely on Syncdocs to boost the performance of your Google Docs.

Here are some key features of “Syncdocs”:

Sync and Copy:
· Syncs automatically when changes or new files are made.
· Works with all types of files.
· Your folder structure is preserved.
· Google Docs can be mapped as a drive letter
· Your files are always at the latest version – never again forget your work on your laptop or USB stick
· Save a file on your PC and access it from your netbook, iPad or smartphone. All changes are synced back.
· Changes you make when offline are automatically synced when you have Internet access again.

Backup – Online and Offline:
· Your files are securely backed up to Google’s worldwide data centers.
· Google offers 1GB of free storage, with good prices if you need more space.
· Revision control means you can go back in time to a previous version of a document.
· Don’t worry about forgetting to make a backup, as Syncdocs backs up automatically.
· All your Google documents are also backed up on your local PC for offline access.

Migrate your data online:
· Google Docs is less useful if all your data stays behind on your PC, and you can only import one file at a time using the web interface. Syncdocs copies all your files and folders to Google in one go.
· Intelligent conversion features make sure your documents stay in the format you want and backups are made if document fidelity might be lost.
· Use Google’s powerful search feature to search your own documents.
· Access the full power of Google Docs by moving all your existing data online.

Migrate your users online:
· Syncdocs allows you to mix your old desktop programs and files with Google Docs, transparently.
· This eases the transition to Google Docs by letting users make the move at their own pace, rather than a jarring switch-over.
· Different members of your team can use the program they prefer, and still get all the advantages of Google’s cloud platform.

Share and Collaborate:
· Easily share files on your PC
· Control access. Share to the world, or to only specific users. Revoke access at any time.
· Stop emailing attachments. Stop worrying about multiple versions. Use powerful document sharing features to share and merge documents.
· Syncdocs enables live collaboration between Google Docs and Microsoft Word users.

Desktop Integration:
· Access the power of Google from your desktop. Edit office documents on Google by simply clicking on a local file.
· View pdf files and office documents or email attachments on Google without worrying about viruses or spyware.
· Edit Microsoft Office format documents right from your local PC without needing Microsoft Office! There is no need to convert, upload and edit – Syncdocs does it all automatically. Best of all your documents are then in the cloud and kept in sync with local copies.


· Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5
· Google account


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