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iMobie AnyDroid (previously known as AnyTrans for Android)) is an Android manager for PC & Mac users that allows users to easily transfer files and data from their computer to Android devices.
The software lets you …

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Windows Digital Photography Winter Fun Pack 2003

Submitted by on October 30, 2009 – 12:31 am10 Comments

Windows XP Winter Fun Packs 2003

The Microsoft® Windows® XP Winter Fun Packs provide enhancements and tools to help you have more fun with Windows XP this holiday season.  The Fun Packs include a wide range of winter-themed content, designed especially for Digital Music with Windows Media Player 9 Series, Digital Photography with Windows XP, and Home Video with Windows Movie Maker 2. The Fun Packs also include links to bonus content including Games for Windows XP, and more. Enjoy!

This document provides installation instructions and other information that will help you get started.

The Windows XP Winter Fun Packs available from www.microsoft.com/holiday include:

  • Windows Media Player 9 Series Winter Fun Pack 2003
  • Windows Movie Maker 2 Winter Fun Pack 2003
  • Windows XP Digital Photography Winter Fun Pack 2003
  • Bonus: Games for Windows XP

Note: Great care has been taken to ensure that the Fun Packs operate as they should, however they are unsupported. For this reason, Microsoft Technical Support is unable to answer questions about the Winter Fun Packs. The Windows XP Winter Fun Packs are for Windows XP only.

The Windows XP Winter Fun Packs, including the documentation and information provided, are for your personal use and are subject to the terms and conditions of the end user license agreement presented during the Windows XP Winter Fun Pack 2003 installation process.


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