Edit videos online for free using BrushVideo

Are you looking for a free online video editing tool? Previously? BrushVideo is a free service you can use to create your own movies and upload them to YouTube for sharing. It includes a nice GUI interface that resembles most modern commercial video editors with two video and two audio tracks plus simple drag and drop functionality on the timeline.

Here are a couple of ways you can use BrushVideo to create movies:

- Upload videos and add text or watermarks to your videos
- Insert images and animations into your videos
- Includes a paint application whereby you can draw or write on top of a video
- Add effects to your movies like fades, night-vision, black and white, sepia, and lots more
- Remove audio from a video, add audio tracks, and add audio effects to your videos
- If you have a webcam, you can directly record video from your webcam and add it to your movie

I really like the fact that you can record from your webcam and add that to your movie. You can use BrushVideo to quickly record yourself and upload it to YouTube automatically for you!

To get started, upload a video (max size is 100MB right now) and let it convert the video, which only takes a minute or two.

After that you can begin editing by using the toolbar on the left to add things such as text, pre-defined audio/video, pictures, paint, and effects.

Also the current length of your movie is a max of 5 minutes. I am guessing they will come out with some PRO version whereby you have to pay if you want to make a longer video. However, for most people, 5 minutes should be enough.

Other than YouTube, you can upload your video to Facebook or MySpace or grab the embed code and put it on your website or blog.

Overall, even though it has some limitations, it is a fast and decently powerful online video editor. If you’re looking to make a quick movie from some videos off your digital camera, this may be the way to go. Enjoy!

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