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iTop Screen Recorder is a free utility application developed by iTop VPN. As the name suggests, this software allows you to record any screen activity. You can record any part of your screen. Not only …

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Test your Internet Connection Speed for free

Submitted by on January 25, 2009 – 12:40 amOne Comment

If your Internet connection seems slow, the first step is to benchmark it using an Internet speed test site. An Internet speed test can give you an accurate indication of how much bandwidth is available to you at the current time.

Whether you have high speed broadband or a dial-up Internet connection, an Internet speed test can help determine if you’re speeding along the Information Superhighway as fast as you should be.

Check out the Top 3 Internet Speed Test Sites listed below:

1. Internet Speed Test

Of all the Internet speed test sites out there, this one is the winner by a landslide! It’s fast, free and graphically appealing with a speedometer-like display. A huge list of worldwide test locations are available making for very accurate results. The nearest one is automatically calculated based on your IP address which is very handy. also keeps a log of all the Internet speed tests that you perform and creates an attractive results graphic you can send to your friends or post online. is operated by Ookla, a major provider of speed test technology to many sites, like Speakeasy.

2. Internet Speed Test

Another great Internet speed test site is this one hosted at While there are no multiple server locations to choose from, the results are very easy to read and have been fairly accurate based in my tests.

Like most other bandwidth speed test sites available, this site tests both download bandwidth and upload bandwidth.

3. CNET Bandwidth Meter Speed Test

The CNET Bandwidth Meter Speed Test is an Internet speed test like most others and I’ve found it to be fairly accurate.

This site differs in its ability to rank your connection next to others from the same ISP. I highly recommend this Internet speed test in addition to the others on this page based on this feature.

One important thing to note about this Internet speed test is that it only tests the download bandwidth for your connection. Most internet speed test sites test both the download and upload bandwidth for your Internet connection. Still, this is a great tool considering the comparison features.

4. – Broad Speed Checker

Broadband Speed Checker

Start the speed test by clicking on the big button in the center of the page. The check will start by downloading a file and will measure your download speed. Once the download has finished, the broadband speed test will try to upload a file and will measure your upload speed.

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