View Adobe PDFs online for free using PDFMENOT

If you need an alternative way to opening PDF or viewing PDF files using Adobe Reader, then you might want to try a free online PDF viewer. Even cooler is the ability to view a PDF that is already stored online without having to download it.

PDFMENOT is a nifty little web service that allows you to view Adobe PDF or any other PDF online for free whether it is stored online or stored on your local computer.

The neat thing about this site is that you can upload as many PDFs as you like for free, so basically it’s your own free PDF hosting space. You then get a link to your PDF that you can send to friends or colleagues that will remain forever for future viewing. You can also copy the embed code and embed your PDF into any webpage or website of your choosing.

That means your readers can view the PDF and do not need to have any PDF viewing software installed on their computers or in the browser.

They have some other cool tools like a Bookmarklet that will convert all PDF links on a page to view using PDFMeNot. So if you’re using a computer with no default PDF viewing, just drag the bookmarklet to your toolbar and click the button whenever you are on a page that has links to PDFs.

If you use Firefox for browsing the Internet, then just install the Firefox Add-on instead of using the bookmarklet. It will auto convert all the links to point to PDFMeNot and will add a small icon next to each converted link.

Also, if you are a blogger, they have a really cool script that you can add to your blog that will automatically convert any PDFs your site links to into ones that will be viewable via PDFMeNot. So that way, no matter who is coming to your site and whether or not they have a PDF reader installed, they will be able to view your PDF.

Just place the following JavaScript include before the tag of your pages:

It’s very usefull to help you viewing PDF files without any software installation.

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AndyOctober 15th, 2008 at 1:25 pm

It’s very useful. Thanks for your post.

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